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New to Finances and Looking for Thoughts

Hello PF.
Long time lurker, first time posting. Looking for thoughts/opinions/advice on my financial outlook.
26(m) working as a teaching assistant right out of college (BA Child Development). Making $13/h (40 hr a week) and feel like I'm still living paycheck to paycheck. $600 savings in Ally online savings (thanks for the idea moving from BoA). $490 in Betterment ($300 in Betterment Roth IRA). Rent is only $325 (split with SO) and bills run roughly $80. CC debt of $2000 at 0% APR until Jan 2015 when it becomes 17.99%. Food is my only other expense and for some reason I feel like I am way behind everyone else my age on here in terms of savings and investments.
What should I do to catch up? How should I go about tackling my CC debt? Should I make minimum payments until the interest starts and use that extra $100-200 a month to throw into savings? Also, looking into possibly trading binary options on Nadex for a supplemental income, bad idea?
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